Reflection Of Critical Reading

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Honestly, for almost four years in college, one of the subjects that I found most uninteresting was the writing class. Although my grades for this subject are not too bad, I feel I have not learned many lessons for myself. But this semester, critical reading helped me see my limitations and I had the means to overcome those shortcomings. In the article below I will present what I have learned, have not done yet, and what I am impressed with this study.
First of all, about the array of knowledge. At first I thought this subject would be the same as the writing I had studied before. However, the teacher spent a lot of time developing the student's critical thinking ability, which I thought was very important in writing, since almost all I had
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Most importantly, at the end of this course I think that at least I have developed critical thinking skills. Through reading long and complex scientific papers, I think I have been trained in reading the main ideas as well as understanding and analyzing the author's arguments and attitudes. Other skills such as paraphrasing or summarizing are also essential in our reading process. As for writing skills, I have been writing topics that are very close to my daily life such as unsafe food or my own industry topics such as the positive teacher-student relationship. I always try to practice my self-control and creativity in using quirky and stylistic writing in accordance with my writing because I realize that is my weakness as well as many other students. Besides, this is a course in which I find the spirit of helping each other in the study of students is very high. I think I have improved in teamwork skills including acquiring people's opinions, evaluating team members' posts and arranging team work for high efficiency. Besides, I also developed the ability to evaluate myself to be more complete.
Attitude in learning is also important when making a self-assessment in this course. I think I have a very good sense of learning, namely that I always arrive on time and complete the assignments that my teacher gives me. In the classroom, I also participate in discussions
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