Reflection Of Cognitive Apprenticeship

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I would like to thank the participants of the seminar as well as Peter and John. This session was very informative and productive for my future career in education. I look forward to implementing all this research in to my teaching methods in order to evolve.
I am pleased to know that my research is developing in the right direction and my presentation has given me motivation and guidelines for my work on Cognitive Apprenticeship.

I learned a lot from the Giuseppina’s presentation that spoke of students’ anxiety in relation to mathematics. As for her, it is quite difficult to motivate students with the subject that does not interest them or they are usually afraid of. I think we find that anxiety during our classes at various levels because
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The faculty must develop the creative side of education and push for innovation. It is important for us to know what creativity is and how to develop it. I believe creativity is essential component for students and teachers for organisational success. As an educator I learn as much as the students do. I inspire the students’ creativity by showing and demonstrating lots of examples, exposing them to a variety of situations in the domain of banqueting and events, clients’ demands and real experiences to solve…show more content…
How do we find a good balance in our classrooms and not differentiate people from their origin? We know that Asian students are more used to seeing the teacher as a perfect truth. They are generally more reserved and participate less in class, due to the traditional teaching method in their homelands. When they arrive in class, we try to offer them an opportunity to express themselves and be creative, which is new to them. We always encourage our students in this development, as they will have to face the reality of working life in their internship and in any professional environment. I have learned that we need to make them aware of their responsibilities and not be tempted to mother them. It is necessary that we adapt as well as helping the student to adapt and find a balance that works with both parties. We as teachers need to reflect on how they learn and integrate that with the way in which we expect them to learn and encourage their adaptation.
This training session motivated me a lot and allowed me to gain new experiences and knowledge in the field of education, to face new challenges that we, as teachers, have in the classroom and reflect on how we need to further develop our role as a trainer, a facilitator and an

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