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Antigone is a myth that Sophocles used to tell to others. Antigone’s father, Oedipus, killed his father and married his mother. He then impregnated her and had Antigone. This means that Antigone is not only Oedipus’s daughter, but sister as well. This is just when it starts to get weird. Antigone’s mother and Oedipus’s mother and wife, killed herself because she was depressed. This made Oedipus flee. Now the issue is who is going to take care of the children? Well since Oedipus was the king and he fled, now the heir is Creon since Oedipus only had young boys and girls, and plus we still have the Salic law in play. Creon is Antigones Uncle. Now everyone knows that eventually the power hungry boys will grow up and want their fair share of power. The war of Thebes…show more content…
Her dad killed his dad and then her mom killed herself. Her father fled in sadness. She was left parentless and to be raised by her uncle Creon of Thebes. She has two younger brothers and one sister named Ismene. By reading the play you can tell how bold and determined she is. This shows that she is strong-willed. Most people portray her as a strong built women. The play happens in Thebes and is set after the war of Thebes ended. Antigone sees herself as her only person left. She lost her parents and brothers, now all she has left is she and her sister. She has to be strong, there is no other option! Creon and his friends see her as weak-willed and too frail to actually pose a threat. But the reality is even the prophet knows there is something about her that seems powerful. Antigone warned them that the Gods will not be happy with what’s happening, and the prophet agrees with her. I believe the reality is that she is indeed powerful and strong, but she is also underestimated by her enemies. She is the one that stirs up the pot for our plot by trying to plan a secret burial for her brother so she is the reason we have a moving

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