Reflection Of An Incident In The First Week At LA Matheson

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Hello I just wanted to inform all of you about an incident that took place at my placement school this past week at LA Matheson. I am sorry it is quite long but I wanted to share what took place with you all. Also I am sorry if there are writing errors I am supposed to be working on my lesson plan right now but I wanted to get this off my chest. On Wednesday I saw that a student was very visibly upset about something so I took him outside of the classroom after asking my SA if I could. The student and I had a good conversation, and he told me that another student was touching his turban and trying to knock it off his head. The student also expressed to me that he knows he is getting angry about the situation and he is trying very hard to…show more content…
When the end of the day bell rang my SA and I were talking about the situation and another teacher who is pregnant came in and told us that the two kids ended up getting into a physical fight in her class and then ran off. She said the vice-principal had come in and only talked to one of the students and then the student was sent back into the classroom. This made me extremely upset and I had a rough night. I realized that I need to work on leaving my school related issues at school so it doesn 't affect my personal life. I did have a conversation with Jenn afterwards, and she had told me to follow up with the vice principle the next day. However my SA, Lauren, ended up emailing me that night and showed me compassion about the things I have experienced so far; she said "You 've only seen a small sampling of what goes on in a classroom and school (sadly it 's been negative)." The next morning I asked the secretary when it would be a good time to speak to the vice-principal and she told me to talk to him right…show more content…
I just wanted to share one of the experience that took place in my placement last week which was a big reality check of the kinds of things teachers have to deal with. Since I am only two months into the program it was a lot to deal with and I will jump back from this situation, but this definitely was mentally and emotionally hard for

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