Reflection Of An Humorable Teacher

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We all remember our teachers and for different reasons but an outstanding teacher, ones that we truly remember and cherish that memory have in some way moulded our lives. Outstanding teacher really can change lives! We often hear people say they were inspirational, they made me love school/a subject, I love being in their lessons… Whilst writing this section I reflected on my time as a primary school pupil and three very different teachers in three very different schools immediately came to mind… and probably have never been too far from my consciousness. My teacher when I was 5 years old was so caring and compassionate, she patiently helped me with my work, pulled out a hanky when I cried over my take-away sums, sat with me with her cascading, curly ginger hair and soft voice comforting me. Then there was a teacher when I was 9, he taught us for only one term but in that time I was engaged with school, I laughed and enjoyed each day because he made learning fun through his enthusiasm and humour, spontaneity and flair. My final memorable teacher was in year 6, she embodied the traditional teacher, not whacky nor overly gushing, but highly knowledgeable, consistent and very strict – everyone liked and respected Miss Parry! So, an amalgam of all three teachers would be my ‘perfect’ teacher; compassionate, caring, humorous, fun, enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable and with excellent classroom management. Ta Da!…show more content…
Think of a teacher or teachers that have influenced you - how might you describe them? Think about the characteristics of these great teachers – why are they so memorable? If you can think of more than one, what do these teachers have in common? List these characteristics that made these teachers stand out and different from the ‘average’

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