Reflection Of An Ethnography Project

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For my ethnography project I chose to study at my grocery store shop rite. I had a hard picking a day and time to do my study because some day’s the store is busy and other day’s not so much. On Saturday, March 26 at one o’clock pm, I found myself walking into my local supermarket shop rite. I chose shop rite to do my ethnography project because it was easy from since I work there and I didn 't have to go out my way somewhere else to do this project. But this is the first time i’m walking in to this supermarket with a different mindset, openminded, attitude, and a fresh perspective on my surrounding that i haven 't see before. Before I stepped in to the supermarket my main objective was how customer interact with each other and how they…show more content…
Standing next to my register I have realized that people are still racits. I don’t know if it was for my skin color or because of my long beard. I bring this up because as I was standing next to my register many caucasian costumer pasted me and went to a different register. They looked at me and saw my light was on and just walked pasted by. I asked one of the customer if they were ready to be checkout. He didn’t even answer me or look at me. That really bothered me because racism still exist these days. Anyways I saw that the express line was busy, so decided to get one of the costumer to my register. I walked up to and asked “I can help you, follow me”. “Sure” she replied. We I came back to my register some other coustmer was already there putting her grocery on the belt. The two lady got into a heated argument as to who should go first. For ten minute they went back and fourth. Calling each other name and insulting each other. I was shocked because I can’t believe what i was seeing and hearing. I didn’t say anything, just watched and listen. But in my mind I said “why are you guys fighting for something as little as who goes first”. Once the argument was done I was able to finish her and the other lady with there oder. After that nothing really exciting happened. Costumers came and I rang them up and they

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