Reflection Of A Realist Play In The Classroom

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letters, using dot paint, letter puzzles, and so much more. All of these activities are interactive and engaging. g. Realistic play: we give our students time at the end of the day for realistic play. They can either play in the kitchen, with doctor’s equipment, construction set, or with the doll house. All of these opportunities allow the students to use their imagination and apply what they already know. When the students play, we play with them to help prepare them for any real life situations. h. First, then schedule: we use a magnetic whiteboard to create a first, then schedule. We take our pictures schedule pieces and we use them to show the students what we are currently doing and what is coming next. This tool is useful for when we use the classroom for special and recess. i. Dancing: during our morning meeting we sing a song that allows each student to get up and dance. I really like this because it gives each student a chance in the spot light. This simple movement is fun for the kids and I find it helps them get ready for the day. j. Two minute warning: in our class we give our students a two minute warning before we clean up to do something else. This helps transition the…show more content…
Even though I do not have your typical ELL, I feel that Avery who is nonverbal still fits it this category. At the beginning of the school year Avery said nothing. He then started with selective echoing, where he would only repeat certain phrases. Now Avery still mostly only echoes but with heavy prompting he will sometimes provide a basic answer. We consulted with his parents, the speech teacher, and the psychologist and no one can clearly determine the cause or the best possible approach. In order to try and help Avery, we try not to ask him questions when we know the response. Instead we say the answer because that is what Avery will repeat back. This change in our teaching is difficult but it has made a difference because Avery is starting to talk a little bit

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