Reflection Of A Model Citizen Of An Organization

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Step 1
What About Me? Personality Insights On the Core Five sections of the test I scored highest in the amicable dimension. I was surprised by this because the results stated “Model Citizen of an organization.” I would not characterize myself as a bad person, but certainly not a model citizen. I do work well with others when I must, but I often neglect opportunities to be social. This is confirmed by Jungian test as I am an INFJ, with an emphasis on the Introversion. I am not a Type A personality. There is nothing about me the even suggests I might become a Type A someday. I do not get in a rush when I am working unless the job necessitates it. I do not compare my work to others except in cases of helping others see better ways of doing
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I do have some coworkers and friends who I know cannot handle ambiguity well. So, compared to some I function well in that type of setting. I have found that often, not always, that ambiguity in instructions is intentional because certain aspects are not precise. I am moderately creative. Before taking the assessment I would have said that I am not creative at all. When I am trying to think of new, interesting ideas that is when I am feeling my least creative. The problem is getting past a good idea that someone else has already proven to be effective. I often just try to modify the ideas of…show more content…
I am not likely to become an entrepreneur because I am not good at personal planning. On the Locus of Control it was determined that I am internally focused meaning that I am self-motivated. I do believe that we are responsible for our future, but I am also a little lazy and often find it very difficult to do something that I do not want to do if it is not required of me.
Working with Others Communication Skills I have a probing communication style. When I am face to face with people I often forget material I wanted to mention if it is not written down. My listening skills are good. When I am talking, if I am permitted to lead the conversation my listening skills suffer. However, if the other person does most of the talking I listen fairly well. Leadership and Team Skills My leadership style was authoritarian. I listen to employees opinions, but they are just opinions often based on what benefits the employee, not the company. I trust those who have earned my trust, and I think others view me that way. I would not consider myself charismatic. I do not discipline people well. I administer discipline oftentimes when I am angry, making the judgment harsher than necessary. I am good at taking the people I have and making that
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