Reflection Of A Mock Interview: A Great Experience

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This video mock interview was a great experience. The questions were based on interview questions that a company can ask you and prepared you for a real interview. This mock interview was fun to do and taught me many lessons I can do in a real interview setting. To start off, I had to prepare for this mock interview. Some things I considered when preparing was to firstly, look at the questions and briefly go over my answers for each question. After that, I had to wear my best attire and adjust my camera and lighting. Lastly, I had to remind myself with some tips when doing this interview. Such as, making sure there was no distraction around, controlling my speed and most importantly adjusting my body language. However, there are some things…show more content…
I believe this was the best question I answered because I listed three important factors when trying to make the work environment positive. Also, I answered the question in a very logical, organized matter. I used transition words gave an example for each factor and at the end of my answer I repeated my three points. Out of all of my answers I used the most transition words in this question which makes it easier for the interviewer to follow along. Some points I felt were impressive was the examples I used to portray my strengths. Specifically, the example I used for my time management question. I described what the situation was, what I did to overcome the multiple tasks I had in hand. Furthermore, I described how I continued using an agenda to keep my time managed and organized. Another point I felt was impressive was my ability to use transition words during my answers. Due to the fact of using transition words my answers were organized and logical. Another, question I answered well was a behavioral question. Which was describe a situation where you went above and beyond your call of duty. My response to this question was followed by the STAR
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