Reflection Of A Letter To Professor And Her Literate Students

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Dear Professor and her Literate colleagues,

I wish to thank everyone who impacted my education in any way and gave me motivation to keep studying when I felt like I did not have the ability nor the skills to continue my education. This course molded me into a better writer and made me enjoy writing more than anything else. The revisions that I made throughout the course allowed me to improve my sentence structures, organize my essays, and personalize them by creating a theme for the genre pertaining to each essay, and avoid writer’s block for my personal narrative and the research paper about Chicanos in education.

As part of the course, I learned a few techniques and incorporated them into my essays throughout the course which, in turn,
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This was my biggest struggle for my first essay because I felt like there were multiple things that impacted my writing abilities and each time I mastered one of these writing barriers, I felt as though I was one step closer to becoming a better writer. To resolve this issue, I solely focused on my favorite example, which demonstrated how my writing flourished with the help of imagery. I revised my essay to revolve around that example without having to change many of my thoughts. As a result of this alteration, my essay became very clear and simple for the reader to understand my writing and observe the dramatic change that occurred between my rough drafts during the review sessions and outside the…show more content…
To avoid this issue I began writing my research paper at the end of April because I knew that it was going to be a difficult task for me. I did what Professor Hogue told me on the first day of class, which was to write a “shitty first draft”. I had no idea where to start, so I first began by analyzing my quotes and including my perspectives about certain events such as the court cases about the justification on Chicanos’ education. This allowed me to at least know how I could use the quotes and decide where to place the examples of my resources to strongly support my thesis later on. In order for me to progress and enhance my research paper, I began reading and organizing my essay more and more each week. Each time I reviewed my essay, I would make constant changes to it. This is one of the techniques that I learned to appreciate because I was able to reread my essay with a fresh perspective each time. I was able to identify awkward phrases and add information to help the reader understand what I was writing about. For instance, I added the definition of the acronym LULAC for my Chicano research paper before the next peer review session to help the readers become familiarized with this term and understand my essay
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