Reflection Of A Interview On Gender And The Workplace

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As a topic that exists in today 's society I chose to conduct two separate interviews for my writing class on "Gender and the workplace" , I interviewed Brittany Smith , who’s a women supervisor for GM (General Motors). As well as a Johnnie O 'Bannon, Who 's a manager for General Motors. Their “Experiences” differs between gender and workplace plays a major role on both women and men, and although O 'bannon and Smith doesn’t experience the same things everyday at their workplace, they have had similar experiences, used to work as regular employees before actually moving up, and has had related issues in the past, so it seemed like they have a good understanding of gender roles and work places. As it turned out, they both had bad experiences…show more content…
I told them this and they said that there were many difficulties moving up into higher seniority because the different types of gender, workplaces and etc., but that the differences were significant as well I indicated that I was primarily interested in getting the perspective from a women and men.

Throughout the interview, Both of my interviewers explained to me how effective gender and workplace can affect a person, and this was the part of the interview I found most surprising. Both party 's said that the more discriminated they were helped them work harder. I mentioned I thought this was what people experience when they both want a higher position at work, and both said it can be very challenging to move up when you 're affected by discrimination, and that the main focus with moving up in a higher position is having a positive attitude and overlooking
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They both agreed it can be difficult tasks sometimes for the opposites to attain, because people often find workplace objectives easier than others. One example they gave me was that if a women was put in charge at a work place she would have the same authority as men in charge, he or she might say, “The gender of the leader plays the same role rather they are a men or women . In order to be a leader people have to look up to the choices you make, you must be a great role model overall” This is good because it is getting across points that women and men play the same roles as leaders. A person would not say , “I am a man I can do a better job then you because you 're a woman! If you think can do a man 's job you 're the man .” For discrimination, this is considered "Bias” because it relies on a myth. However, O 'bannon agrees that women are definitely able to do a man 's job. Some people still may believe a women cant do a job like a
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