Reflection: My Writing Process As An Academic Writer

Throughout this course, I have learned quite a few things about my writing process as an academic writer. To start off, I learned how an interesting and engaging title is important in order to grab a reader’s attention. In this course, I found that a question as a title was the most effective attention grabber. One important process of writing is locating and using scholarly articles instead of using articles from popular sources. In my research for information on child labor and a solution on how to end child labor, I had to locate articles that were peer-reviewed. There were a few times where I would find an article with useful information that would benefit my essay, but the article was not peer-reviewed so I had to continue my search for…show more content…
Ethos persuades readers of an author’s credibility, using sources from authors who are experts in their respective field. Pathos persuades by appealing to a reader’s emotions, such as mentioning the conditions children work in. Organization refers to the way a paper is structured; it allows the information to flow smoothly from sentence to sentence and from paragraph to paragraph. Tone is the attitude the writer uses towards the subject and is conveyed through word choice. Tone helps the reader understand the writer’s feelings towards a particular topic and can portray a variety of emotions such as humorous, witty, and heartbroken. Tone can be portrayed as informative, passionately involved, distant, or entertaining. The Everyday Writer handbook was a useful tool throughout this course. Not only was this handbook useful, but also it was very informative and I learned many important aspects of writing. From the handbook, I learned how to quote an indirect source and how to cite an image, as these two concepts are important when writing an academic essay. I learned how to properly use parenthetical reference, the different variations of in-text citations, and when to use parenthetical

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