Reflection : Growing Up Grown And The Storyteller By David Jacobsen

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“Strength comes from struggle. When you learn to see your struggles as opportunities to become stronger, better, wiser, then your thinking shifts from ‘I can’t do this’ to ‘I must do this’ was said by Toni Sorenson. Through hardships comes growth, through growth comes opportunities. This is a popular theme explored throughout the short stories “Reflection: Growing Up Grown” by David Jacobsen and “The Storyteller” by Sandra Cisneros. Each has written about their experiences during trials and how their Latin roots influence their decisions in reaching their pinnacle. Both autobiographies reveal the journey they face in finding the voice within themselves and the strength to carry on. Coming from their strong heritage, Jacobsen and Cisneros are taught to be independent and hard-working and through disappointments faced in life, they relentlessly pursue their aspirations. Jacobsen and Cisneros’ stories are alike because they both are first-generation Americans, striving for success, but they differ in their upbringings, outlook on their heritage, and point of view. “...Why did I work so hard to buy a house with a furnace so she could go backward and live like this?”(48). Growing up in a household with a sufficient income, Cisneros was never without want. A second floor apartment building with a furnace is the place she formerly called home. As she ventures into the real world as a writer, she is confronted by her father who does not view her new living situation, books in milk crates, futon on the floor, and a bedroom with no door (48), as appropriate, considering they are a privileged family. He provides a loving household and tries to guilt her into returning to his humble abode, but to “feel like a real writer” she continues on h... ... middle of paper ... ... that they held very different lives and have contrasting preferences on how to present their history. While Jacobsen retold of his exotic dancer for a mother, poverty, and sarcastic views of this “American Dream” in 1st person, Cisneros has an overprotective and privileged father, while aspiring to integrate her Latin culture with America and approached this with both 1st and 3rd person--which makes for a broader insight of emotions. When both writings are compared, however, both tell of an affluence of love from family and a prosperous outcome for their futures. David Jacobsen said it best, “ We can do better” (45). Despite their differences, thier outcomes are one in the same. Only through exploring the possibilities life holds, are they able to find their voice and blossom into the writers they are today. Hard work and determination equals success.

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