Reflection For Social Studies

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The topic my mentor teacher has asked me to teach for my social studies unit is “What is Your Responsibility?” This civics lesson will include content and discussion based upon a newspaper that my mentor teacher uses to teach social studies. I will not be using the newspaper, but I am pulling information from it, and designing my own lesson. The two main pieces of information I will be pulling from the newspaper includes the “What Responsibilities do Citizens Have?” as well as the interactive voting activity. It is important for me to teach this lesson because it teaches the children that they have responsibilities inside and outside of school. It will also teach the children that being a good citizen is more than just doing nice things for people. It is…show more content…
BT- “Uhhhh. To make sure you get everything right and everything done at a certain time. And to make sure you do everything the teacher says and make sure you follow the rules too. Make sure nobody is sad, if anyone is sad you can probably see how to make their day better.” 6. What is your responsibility in this school? a. KS- “To be responsible for my work.” b. BT- “Never to be a bully! Never to be mean to kind people, never try making someone else a bully like you are. You want them to always be nice, never mean.” 7. What is your responsibility in the world? a. KS- “To pick up trash that is on the ground or recycle.” b. BT- “You never want to break the law. And you never ever want to hurt nobody. Never want to talk about guns or something unless you are in the army. You want to make sure everybody is safe, nobody is bad, you get everything done in your job too if you can.” 8. Do you know why you have different responsibilities in the classroom/school/world? a. KS- “Cause some people are good at different things.” b. BT- “Because you want to make sure nothing bad happens, nothing goes wrong. You want to make sure everything’s right.” 9. What is a citizen? a. KS- “Someone who does something for someone
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