Reflection Essay: The Concept Of Being A Global Citizen

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The concept of being a global citizen embodies a multitude of characteristics and responsibilities. As a student at New York University in Abu Dhabi, I am a part of a community of people from very diverse backgrounds and as such, I have a responsibility similar to that of a global citizen. In engaging and conversing with people from all over globe, I have gained a wider perspective that changed the way I view the world and developed an understanding and a tolerance for different cultures and traditions. However, as engaging as meeting different nationalities might be, I am still in my own country living in my own comfort zone. Although I live in Dubai and have been able to lead a more independent college lifestyle by living…show more content…
Seeing the art live and studying it in person is a completely different experience than trying to analyze it by looking at its picture offered online or in printed books. The relative size, lighting, perspectives and colors of such art works are very different in real life as opposed to their picture. I am planning on taking an art history / art theory elective to complete my concentration and to be able to have a more engaging experience given that I have access to more museums that showcase a lot of the artworks I study about and find fascinating to the extent that I keep going back to them and reanalyzing them all over again. Given my interest in both science and art alike, I believe New York is the best place to help me bridge the gap between these two disciplines. I see them as essentially interrelated and it is my belief that the world cannot function without either. What would the world be without art? Music? Performance? And all the same, what would it be without research? Technology? Scientific progress? People merely fail to notice
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