Reflection Essay: Taking A College Prep Writing Class

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Growing is something I do every year in my English classes. I like to focus on a certain flaw I have in English and work and progress in it. My last semester of high school I decided to challenge myself and take a college prep writing class. I thought I’d regret it, but now I am so proud of myself for taking it. I understood terms you were using that weren’t yet taught to us and I loved that feeling. I remember there was a time you were lecturing us on the terms pathos, ethos, and logos. I knew those terms because that was drilled into our heads in my high school class. My growth this year in English was communicating with others effectively and more often. Also, I’ve had my ups and downs through the semester. I sometimes had zero motivation…show more content…
There were voiceovers, paper readings, podcasts, and power points. I liked that you can pretty much do anything as long as it related to your I Believe essay. I prepared myself by rehearsing what I was going to say then writing out my introduction on a small notecard to say to the class. I introduced my belief and then played the audio from my recorded skype chat. I was nervous the audio would be horrible quality because skype isn’t reliable all the time. There were a few skips while my brother was talking, but luckily nothing major. I was happy with the way it came out and I think what he said in the interview intertwined with what I said in my essay. I didn’t say much in my presentation because my podcast was about seven minutes, so it was already long enough, but I did learn from my peers presentations. It gave me ideas for whenever the next time I have to present something in my college…show more content…
I had so much fun writing and researching it. I learned some things I would have never known. I wrote pretty much everything there is to know about pizza. I wrote about the history, the chemistry, and my favorite experience eating pizza. The history was different on some websites, so I pulled my information from the most reliable. I knew the website was reliable because the information sounded accurate and there was an author listed to give credit to. The chemistry of pizza went into deep depths, so I wrote the less complex version of it. I’m proud of that essay because it wasn’t an easy essay to write. I had to look through sources and sources of information and then figure out how to organize it all, so it would read smoothly. My first draft was short and not ready to be turned in. I took your advice and comments on my essay to write something to be proud of. We were given the opportunity to revise our essay. My revising process involves remembering the constructive criticism given to me and applying it to my essay. I added a story of me reminiscing about enjoying pizza before a bull’s game. I fixed my citations and introductions of quotes instead of just randomly placing a quote without any sort of explanation. The last change I made was completely wiping out my paragraph talking about the different records broken related to pizza even though it was related to the topic, but
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