Reflection Essay: Starting My Journey: Foundations Of Education

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Tierani Richardson
Foundations of Education/TT/12:30
Reflection 1
Starting my Journey Since I was 12, I knew I wanted to work with children. I thought about being a pediatrician or social worker; but upon self-reflection, I knew I did not fit those molds. After years of teaching in schools and camps, I realized teaching was the field for me. In the seventh grade I started to teach children’s church. I loved everything about it. I loved teaching the children new songs, stories, and games. The children seem to look at me like I was something special, too. To them, I was no longer just another kid—but a role model . Hearing a child say, “I want to be like you when I grow up” or “You give me hope to follow my dreams” was a wonderful blessing.
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When I see a child who struggles with one of these aspects, my instinct is to want to help. When I saw Ms. Newby, the speech-language pathologist, help a child say /ch/ for the first time, I smiled from ear-to-ear. Seeing the light switch on in the child’s head was so satisfying for both the student and me. The child had the biggest smile on his face as he correctly said “chip”. This concept, which seems so basic to most children, was a tremendous accomplishment to one child.
In addition to a more personalized setting, the positive classroom environment was contagious! High-fives, good-jobs, and you-did-its were flying around the room! The children seemed to feed off the energy of the other children at the table. If one child saw the accomplishments of another, it encouraged the next child to want to fix his/her speech problem, too. It was a team effort that I had not experienced in the larger classroom
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I was always the girl who wanted to teach bible school, assist teachers in the elementary schools, mentor children at summer camps, or anything else that involved teaching or helping. My first grade teacher, Ms. Keeton, was one of my first experiences with a great teacher. She was patient and caring, but she was also stern with her rules. I liked that she was patient with children, but let them know when they crossed a line. Part of being a teacher is being flexible and tolerant with students, but not becoming a pushover. Another teacher I will always be thankful for is Coach Todd. I could write a dissertation explaining the gratitude I have for him. From the moment I met him, he brought me in as if he had known me my whole life. He was kind, intelligent, and selfless. He treats his students and players like family—with love, respect, and guidance. If someone needs a listening ear or advising mouth, his door is always open. A teacher who genuinely cares for his/her students and pushes them to be great, is a teacher I hope to be. Ms. Keeton and Coach Todd are two people I will never forget. They impacted my life in a way I can never return to them. One day, I hope I influence someone like they have influenced
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