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Throughout my journey in ENG-111, both my writing skills and patience have been tried. From having to relearn how to write an analytical thesis statement to being able to write a critique with ease, I would say that I have traveled many miles down the road of furthering the development of my writing skills. While taking this class, I have become a more skilled and confident writer by the exasperating challenge of having to relearn things that I thought I already knew. Before taking ENG-111, due to already have taken Advanced Placement English classes, I believed that my writing skills were well-above average. Unfortunately, this belief did not hold for too long. After being assigned the first essay, in which we were instructed to write an analysis piece, I began to realize…show more content…
Due to my previous experiences, I knew that the thesis statement’s job is to guide and instruct the reader in what your paper is trying to say. Despite knowing this, I realized that the standard three-point thesis statement was definitely not going to work. I had written many papers before the course, so I was surprised when I realized it had taken me almost twenty minutes to even formulate an idea for the thesis. This drawback sincerely frustrated me, so I decided it would probably be best to ask Ms. Sutton, my teacher, for a bit of guidance. After talking with her and knocking my head against a wall, the thesis statement that I ended up with was, “The Killer Queen ad uses Katy Perry’s appearance of royalty and self-confidence to appeal to potential buyers by making them feel that if they wear the fragrance, they would feel powerful and would have control over their “throne”, or life” (Cox 1). This thesis helped to explain and deliver the ideas that I felt were expressed within the

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