Reflection Essay On Setting Goals And The Process

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Setting goals and the process that you use to achieve them, is a very vital part of the success and outcome of your desired targets and dreams. Recently I have been assigned to choose and short term as well as a long-term goal to attempt to accomplish. In this paper I will walk you through the steps that I took and the emotions that I went through during this process. My first initial thoughts about picking goals, was that it was going to be easy; turns out the process was actually a lot more difficult than I had anticipated. My purpose of this paper is not only to share with you my personal experience through this assignment, but also to give some inspiration to never give up on something that your heart desires. I’ve always had a competitive…show more content…
When this happened, I went to my teacher and talked with him or her about the issues I was having. One class in particular, I couldn’t understand the reading material, I tried reading it several times but just couldn’t comprehend the subject. After struggling, I went to my teacher and asked her what else I could do to learn the material, so that I don’t fail anymore test. She suggested that there was a video that I could check out from the library, covering the dissuasions we would have in class this semester. I also did some extra credit that was on the syllabus to bring up my test grade, untimely bringing my grade up to an A. Using these methods with constant determination and self motivation, I was able to achieve my short-term…show more content…
After sometime, I got burnt out and wanted to make more money and not have the responsibilities of taking care of the whole company pretty much by myself. I still loved the field but felt like I was doing too much for little pay; therefore, leading me to my long-term goal of wanting to be a dental hygienist. Remembering the DAAPS tool that I learned in one of my classes, I began to break this goal down. I now plan to have a PHD as a dental hygienist by December 31, 2020 and be able to start the journey of this career in 2021. This year I decided to enroll back into Eastfield Community College to start the process of achieving this long-term goal. Since then I have gone to advising with a few different advisors, as well as financial aid and a organization called Trio, which is a combo of both financial aid and more advising planning. I have also created a plan, where I know exactly what classes’ I’m tacking for the next 2 years as well as what I will need to take when I transfer. Looking at different schools, I found TWU to fit my career path and have researched the campus and the department they offer for my career field. My deadline for my long-term goal is achievable, because I already know exactly how long it will take me if I stay on my specific path that has been planned out. This process has been very tedious and stressful to say the least, but since my heart is in it, I

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