Reflection Essay On 911M & M

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‘No one moulds us again out of earth and clay No one conjures our dust. No one.’ R After 1993 New York World Trade Centre bombing cause 6 people lost their lives. It is September 11th, 2001. It was a hard blow to New York people which two airplanes were hijacked by terrorists and dash against the Twin Trade towers separately. With towers falling, nearly 3000 victims are killed during this attack. It leads U.S people, especially citizen of New York City, do feel the anguish and sorrow. In the past 15 years, people all around the world can feel New York people are stepping forward from mourning to gain back their faith and confidence. However, this was accompanying with 9.11 National Memorial & Museum (Referred as 911M&M). As this disaster carries too much sorrow throughout of the history, 911M&M has become a place where entrusted people’s emotion. This ‘Reflecting Absence’ thus reflects the braveness of local citizen and the greatness of New York City. Introduction ‘Reflecting Absence’ was…show more content…
For instance, Arad found a lady who wants her brother and father’s name positioned together as lost them both at the same time during 9.11. Thus, name sculptured on the stone tablet will no longer just be a simplest arrangement but a meaningful story. Another example which a handicapped survivor thinks that visitors can take all these names in a glance when they are standing while people on the sitting position will hard to find names. This later affects Arad’s design which he cuts four right angles of rectangle off to form four bevels. So and so, it will allows the disabled visitors can come closer to read names and gain wider view in this hollow area by taking their wheel chairs. Furthermore, by this change of design. The original 3 lines’ names was re-designed as 5 lines as it also makes names look more tight and
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