Reflection Essay: My First Day Of Class

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I have learn so much in this class, that is actually amazing to think that I have learn more in a semester than what I learnt with my passed teacher in my four years of high school. My learning journey started with first day of English class. I’m so glad to that I was able be in this class that was so rich with information, not only English related information but also life related information, from I’ve learnt a lot over the course. My professor, Jennifer Lee, did an amazing job incorporating so many different topics to the class. I came to this class feeling unsure about my overall writing skills but I’ve learnt how to do descriptive essays, research, citations, MLA format, multi-paragraph essay, etc. The thing that I loved the most learning in this class was learning to write a profile essay. Besides being my favorite it was the hardest for me to do due to my lack of vocabulary, but Im glad to say that I was able to do it. Now I can describe my first day of class being really descriptive. My first of ENG114A went something like this: While I was walking towards my new English class, which was been…show more content…
This piece was a really long one for me. I was used to writing two pages at most and now I needed to do at least seven pages, include research and get all my citations right, that was a lot for me. With this essay I was introduced to databases to get information for my research and now I’m so glad I know about databases, they have a lot of professional information on every possible topic and the information is very reliable. The process of going through a lot of information on animal testing was really interesting and filled with new important information that I was not aware of. I chose this essay because it was my best work out the three progressions and because I think the information on that paper is really important not only for me but also for the world to know that is time to

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