Reflection Essay: My Family Life And Personal Experiences

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Yes, it is in fact true that I am what is consider the majority of teachers in the United States. I am a white, middle-class, monolingual female. One thing that I think helps me with being outside of the basic box, is my family life and personal experiences. I grew up in a small town in New Jersey where everyone knew everyone and respected the diversity of everyone in the town. One thing about me is that my family definitely does not meet the traditional family structure standards. I lived with my mother and my half-brother. My brother and I have different dads and my brother happens to be half black. The interesting thing about it is, that I didn’t realize my brother was a different race then me until someone told me when I was in first…show more content…
You could honestly say that everyone’s jaws dropped, and to my surprise one of the kids looked and me and told me I need to go sit at the right end of the table with the rest of the white kids. At first I had no clue why the kids thought this way until I met their families. This type of segregation was obviously passed down for generations. Some of my white friend’s parents actually didn’t want them to hang out with me when they found out I had a mixed brother. Even though I was not familiar with this type of situation, it did not stop me from being friends with everyone that I possibly could. After a few weeks in my new environment, I accomplished getting some of the different races to play with each other on the playground! Another more recent encounter with other cultures occurred when I started dating my boyfriend. He is actually the first generation in his family to be born in the United States. His father’s family is from Italy and his mother’s family is from Cuba. I always take on the challenge of trying to learn everything about his families’ cultures. It always gives me lots of laughs when trying to communicate through the language barrier with his grandpa! From the beginning, I have always found it fun to learn and understand different cultures and backgrounds of the people I…show more content…
The observations I have done throughout my education courses have given me knowledge on how to apply diversity into my everyday classroom. When you receive the curriculum, everything you will teach is pretty much set in stone, but that doesn’t mean I can’t put my own twist on it. As long as the standards are being met, I can adapt my teaching to my diverse group of students. I can allow kids to strengthen their reading skills and cultural knowledge by including books about living in or visiting other countries. I can include teaching students about diversity with using Venn Diagrams, reading activities and discussions. One of the challenges is that there is no room to go off standards in this day and age. This means that as a teacher I need to include diversity issues in my hidden curriculum. I want my students to learn the differences between opinion and fact. They need to know that everyone is different and is allowed to have their own opinion. When teaching, I plan to teach my students to look at things from different perspectives. While still including the standards, I will teach my students to be aware of diversity issues and show them what they can do about these issues because as we all know children are the future and how we teach them impacts the future. I will ensure that

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