Reflection Essay: How A Diet Can Improve Health

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I did some homework today and had class. I was also on campus most of the day. I felt somewhat stressed therefore I participated in some Qigong walking. I decided to eat healthier food today because I know from my research that a diet can improve health. I did find it hard to change my eating habits. My stress was not as high today.

I had a suicidal patient at my internship which was somewhat stressful. I was able to handle situation well and provide the necessary care for the patient. I participated in some Qigong therapy, I lost count a few times when performing the meditation. My mind was also distracted by thoughts about the future. For instance, what my goal is for future once I graduate. I became stressed just thinking about the future therefore I re-directed my mind to the present
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I was happy to hear that she doing okay. I practiced some the Qigong therapy to prepare for the midterm. I am stressing a little about remembering the words because I am pretty comfortable with the movements. I decided to focus on my breathing to relax. I also listened to some music when I completed some of my homework. I went to bed easily.
Today was Halloween therefore I decided to watch some movies and relaxed. I did some yoga and some of the Qigong video to practice more for the midterm. I practiced in front of my sister to help me prepare for the midterm. I think practicing in front of someone else made me feel more prepared for the test.
I was stressing about the midterm today. My back was tensed and could not focus on experiencing the video. I felt I was just going through the motions. However, I was ready to perform the video tomorrow. I was also stressing about a difficult assignment that I had coming up in another class. I found it hard to concentrate and relax. I tried to focus on positive thoughts during the meditation section of the Wisdom Qigong therapy.
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