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The Math, Science, and Computer Science magnet program that I am currently enrolled in requires a certain characteristic of study, work, and interaction. Of these classes, the field of mathematics most precisely demonstrates my distinctive work ethics and study habits. I find math to be a beautiful field of study because of the orderly and perfect nature of math; You are either right or wrong, never both. This allows all improvement to be immediately visible and impactful, meaning that anyone can be good at math, but due to the sheer volume and depth of concepts, only the best can truly excel in competition math. My competitive math courses and contests immerse, engage, and challenge all who undertake them. In order to succeed, particular people initiate various…show more content…
In this scenario, I turn to classmate interaction. By asking a fellow competitor how they managed to simplify a certain equation or advance past a problematic step, or even just what a specific function/symbol meant, I gained a snippet more information and the gap between me and them was reduced. One example of this occurrence was my first encounter with trigonometry. I had never even heard of sine or cosine in 6th grade, so when an early problem in a problem set with advancing difficulty displayed the functions, I knew I missed an otherwise effortless question, and so I resolved to quickly grasp trig. For the next three weeks, I browsed dozens of sites relating to the meaning and use of trigonometry. I printed problem sets that had a large portion of trig problems. Trigonometry became a regular topic in my daily practice, continuing to this day. Subsequently, I exceeded my peers by just a bit of knowledge. Over time, this distance stacked up from mastery of previously known topics (like trigonometry) and introduction/analysis of material such as logarithms or

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