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I was always a person who was afraid of writing. During my former high school English writing experience, I used to apply a fixed structure for all my essays. So, when I first came to writing class in college, I expected the same thing; I expected that professors would teach a new universal structure which could be applied to all my academic writings. However, I was completely wrong. According to all the brainstorming, outlining, drafting, writing, and revising process, I knew that writing is not only a process to put various words and sentences together, but also a process to show your audience what your opinions are.
Among all essays, my most favorite one is rhetorical analysis. Personally, I really enjoyed reading Wit, because it is a reflective play and I could gain a lot by thinking about the play from different perspectives. By leaving hints in people’s appearance activities people’s conversation, and text formation, Edson has done a fantastic job to show the personalities of characters and the main idea of the play. So, when I tried to identify her rhetorical techniques, I felt like I was
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As I had written in former reflection, when I outlined the essay at the beginning, I tried to use all my body paragraphs to show how arguments in MacKay’s article failed based on Rothman and Rothman’s article. However, I soon realized if I structured my essay in that way, ideas other authors would bound me. Then, instead of writing an argument synthesis, my essay would be more like a literature review. This means for an argument synthesis, I was not supposed to simply summarize what have others written and I should push my argument beyond my observations. As a result, the objective of the essay encouraged me to really think carefully about the topic and come up with my original thesis. I felt very proud of myself for I could write to show a problem which I found in the chosen essay and explain a solution logically in my final

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