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Throughout the year, as the course of English 111 has progressed, the format of writing has been in much the same path. Each, not unlike the others has a draft, peer revision, and then a final submission. Although congruent in format the purpose of each essay was different; with the first being that of a descriptive essay, followed by an analysis essay, and the final essay of the three being an argument essay. In the first essay my writing was unpolished; still with aspects of the conformity I had been accustomed too in high school, the goal of which was to write an essay like that of someone else, someone who has scored a 9 on their AP essay. In this stage, there is very little opinion outright placed into the essay. The first essay brought…show more content…
The essay was in the style of moving from one point to the next, without any real thought being given to connecting them together, other than the sequencing of ideas. The second essay started along the path of being more open to the audience through my writing. In the essay, as was the purpose of the essay, I analyses the essay on how the language we speak effects the way we process information. This can be understood as a further in-depth argument to that of the first essay, as it covers similar topics, yet the analyzed essay allowed me to use its description as a framework for adding my argument to the plot of my essay. I was able to include what I thought about the subject in a way which made it easier to have it backed up by an outside source. This is best shown in “effect of which is the essay having a larger impact on the ongoing mental analysis of the way the reader personally compares.” More over the second essay, in the process of analyzing the work, allowed me to understand why an essay is effective. As a portion of

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