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As a student at Ontario High School for 4 years I have had the chance to develop an abundant amount of skills that will be useful in my future. Two important essential skills that I have learned to use is thinking critically and analytically and writing clearly and accurately. One class that helped me in developing these skills was in high level math class. For example in precalculus I had to find a proof to represent why the formula to solve the problem is right. This helped me in figuring out the math behind that gets you to the formula and not just using a that formula to solve for the correct answer. In calculus I learned the concept of limits in many types of settings. This helped me develop the skill of thinking critically and analytically…show more content…
in Ontario Oregon. I shadowed Medical Assistant Mariah who has many experience in taking care of a variety of patients. When I first arrived to the clinic Mariah showed me all the rooms for different procedures. They have the patient rooms, sanitation room, billing and office work room, the nurse center where all the nurses go to chart and do prescription orders, and the doctors office. Mariah also introduced me to all the nurses and doctors as well as the receptionists. During my shadow I observed how Mariah extracted blood from all kinds of patients for testing. Also I was able to observe how Mariah welcomed patients into their room to gather any new health information from them. Mariah presented to me the process of disinfecting tools that were used for a procedure. I learned that disinfecting is a very important rule in the health field. I found out that working in a clinic is a more pleasant environment than in a hospital. Working with Mariah encouraged me to keep on pursuing a career in the health field. Any career related to health is a fast changing and learning path, but I believe if I stay on track I will enjoy my
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