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The college classroom for most of my students has been both literally and figuratively a foreign land. For my English as a Second Language students, navigating a new language, new culture, and new lives, college was a barely visible destination to be reached after being able to talk to their child’s teacher. The GED students I have worked with could see the destination, but battled the tremendous forces of past failures and poverty. And the first year-college students I have taught, facing similar headwinds as my GED students, had arrived at the destination only to find they lacked the resources needed to succeed in a new community. Though the students I have taught have been at different places in their journey, they all shared a sense of being lost without a map in a strange land. As an educator, it is my belief that I must do more than simply identify and cultivate the few students with the determination to make it out of the wilderness, but to guide as many as I can to a place where they have the resources to…show more content…
For example, this past semester I have used the election as a means to explore the modes of rhetorical analysis and argumentation. Campaign ads and analytical essays became a jumping off point for learning about rhetorical appeals and textual and visual analysis. To teach the principals of argumentation, I empowered my students to select an issue they wanted to learn more about. Together we investigated the arguments surrounding immigration. We used the methods of argumentation suggested by the Little Red School House curriculum developed by UVA and University of Chicago to create new arguments. This investigation culminated in an Oxford Union style debate in which students were able to apply their newly learned skills of
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