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August 18th was an intimidating and nerve-wracking day; the first day of english class. For those of us who had not yet taken a college english class, the thoughts of the endless papers and long nights writing we have heard about flooded our mind. As the semester went on, I soon realized that the class is not difficult as long as I do my work. Over the course of the past 17 weeks, I have learned how important it is to come to class and be prepared, what areas I am strong and weak in, areas that I have improved, the process I found helpful in writing my essays, and the skill area I believe I have made the most growth in. College is much different when it comes to attendance than high school. In high school, I was allowed “six excused absences”, but technically could miss a maximum of 30 class days. Rockingham Community College only allows three absences a semester. This was a total shock to me, but I soon realized how important it was…show more content…
The one area that I feel like I made the most growth in this semester is developing a strong thesis statement. To do this, I used the Little Seagull Handbook. I used this source when writing my rhetorical analysis essay to develop my thesis statement. My original thesis statement was “King uses different facts and statistics to support his idea”. After reviewing the W-3b section in the Little Seagull Handbook, I was able to revise my thesis statement and transform it into the college level. The new thesis statement that I used is King’s use of various facts and statistics, including the history of the “original” American Dream from 1931, as well as discussing ideas from other sources supports his belief that people still strive to live the American dream, just a “revised” version. This thesis statement supports my argument and shows the reader that I am well prepared and know what I will be talking about in my
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