Reflection Essay

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At the beginning of this course I was very nervous. I’m going to be a senior in high school next school year and this was my first online core college course and my counselors had advised me to not take the class because it could be overwhelming. Despite my concerns and the warnings I took the challenge this class represented. I don’t usually don’t back down from my decisions, especially if they are going to benefit me, that’s why became for determined. From the start I decided was going to put all my effort into passing this class with a good grade. It was that decision that encouraged me to complete all the assignments to the best of my ability. I developed a game plan for each week on how I was going to complete each assignment on time.…show more content…
In school I had learned about the writing process and I always saw as a step by step process. During this course I learned about the different things it implied, like how a simple personality test could help me become a better writer. I started paying attention to the faults the results suggested my writing personality had and worked to improve then throughout the course of the class. Many of the lessons in the course I hadn’t reviewed since middle school because we’re expected to remember them for life, like sentence structures. After the lesson in sentence structures I started to be coincidence about using them accordingly. I understood I didn’t need an essay full of complex sentences to be express myself in a scholarly manner. Another lesson I especially enjoyed was visual elements. I simply loved learning how to look explore a single image and find so much meaning in it. I proved to me that an image does speak louder than a thousand words. I also found the lessons related to writing essay extremely helpful. I had never had to write an essay in MLA format and in this course I have learned how to use it properly and it will help me for the rest of my life. I learned how cite sources, paraphrase and summarize correctly, and format thesis statements. All these things that will help my writing now and in the future. I honestly feel I learned more during
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