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When I graduated high school in 2012, I was extremely excited to move on to college and peruse higher education. I attended Montgomery County Community College for 2 years and after receiving my Associates degree in Liberal Studies, I applied and was accepted to West Chester University as a Communication Sciences and Disorders major. The reason why I moved onto West Chester University was for the reason to further my education at a 4 year institution and have more experiences. I knew that West Chester was a great choice because of the great accreditation that West Chester University has in priding their institution in academics and excellence. After a year and a half at West Chester University, I decided that I wanted to peruse a degree in Early Childhood Education and change my major because I really enjoyed working at a preschool my second year during my fall semester at
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I was advised to major in Professional Studies. I really felt that pursuing a degree in Professional Studies was the right fit for me because I then would have the opportunity to gain two minors and then after working for a year in my field of study, go back to school to pursue a teaching degree. After seeing the list of minors available, I decided to minor in Autism Education and Professional Education. The reason that I decided to on a degree in Professional Studies was for the reason that I knew that I would have a wide range of learning opportunities to enhance my knowledge not only in the teaching field, but also in other areas of study. I was and I still am very excited about the two minors I pursued because having these two specific minors sets me apart to future employers and future schools that I will attend in order to pursue my degree in Early Childhood Education and have a positive influence
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