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Before registering for classes, Carroll students are told of the General Education program which requires certain classes to be taken in order to graduate. These classes vary, and the students can tailor them to fit their major, careers or other interests. Personally, I viewed these courses as a hindrance. Learning that I would have to take additional courses outside of my eventual major felt as if Carroll purposefully tried to make it harder for me to graduate. At the time I did not know I would eventually have two majors, psychology and English. Overtime, I found that I was incredibly wrong. Not only did the information I learned in these “extra courses” carry with me, they often related to my major courses in ways that I never expected.…show more content…
Two particular courses, my CCE and post-colonial literature and theory, helped me understand other cultures the most. During my CCE course, I learned about the history of Ireland, which introduced me to the issues the country faces while broadening my view of how Ireland interacted with the world and how the world interacted with Ireland. My class focused heavily on the struggles Ireland faced throughout world history: their relationship with England, famine and economy flux. Each of these struggles gave me more of understanding of how the Irish people felt. For example, hearing an Irish-man’s account of the famine is more factual and emotion laden than a second-hand account in a history text book. Similar to my CCE, the post-colonial literature course allowed me to learn about specific cultures across the world, like a small tribe in Peru or Africa, opening my mind ignored global issues. Through this class I was able to understand a serious problem faced my indigenous populations, in that they are often forced to assimilate into “modern society”, forgoing their native traditions and language. This problem is endemic, but rarely discussed as most people do not see the issue of people becoming open to, for instance, modern day technology; they fail to see that because of assimilation the world loses its…show more content…
However, I feel like three skills in particular illustrate my preparedness for my future: interpersonal communication, critical thinking and writing. These skills developed over my four years, and I did not realize I processed them to a great degree until I analyzed myself for this paper. Interpersonal communication, I believe, is the most important skill, personally, because my double major gave me the opportunity to learn this skill to the degree which I possess. Due to my research in psychology, I was able to present twice at a conference in Chicago and once at Celebrate Carroll, bridging the gap between interpersonal communication in the classroom and in the work place. In the classroom you learn interpersonal communication through class discussions, presentations and group work, all of which are valid forms of interpersonal communication. However, speaking with intellectuals in your field is a different ball game than speaking with students in your field. Like psychology, I was also able to present my English capstone paper at a conference, helping me see how interpersonal communication works for that field and how it is different than psychology. Having conference presentation experience taught me how to sell myself for graduate schools and employers. It also illustrated to those people that I have expertise in my fields which makes me

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