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As I entered this semester I knew that English wasn’t my strong suit. I had never excelled in English at any level. I used to love reading and writing when I was in grade school. As time went on I started getting English pushed on me. I started having to read many books that I could care less about. It continued through high school about not caring about the pointless process of writing papers and reading books. It also carried with me as I took the ACT. I wasn’t strong in the subject because I hadn’t pushed myself to learn the material. I never cared to learn grammar when it came to writing papers. This hurt my abilities to get scholarships or extra money because of English scores.
I really don’t think this semester has changed that motivation
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I have grown up around animals my entire life. I was always an active hunter since I was a small child. I grew up around all kinds of farm animals considering my uncle pretty much had a petting zoo. As I became older I had to come up with some type of career path. I couldn’t imagine growing up at the time because I have always been a child at heart. At first I kinda wanted to become a wildlife biologist since I always had the passion for wildlife and the outdoors. I tried researching this field and I came up short on opportunities. I floated from one idea to another when it came to my career. Then one day my dad came home with some promising news. He had talked to a local veterinarian he knew when he was a younger. I went to talk to the man and he allowed me to volunteer there to see how I liked it. I didn’t enjoy working in the building that much. When it came to going out on farm calls I knew I found my calling. At that point I was in my Senior year of high school and I had to act on a college education. I had thought about attending Murray State anyway because it was close to home but far enough away. Then I found out that they had a great pre-vet program. Knowing that just added to the decision about attending Murray State. As I entered Murray State this August I expected it to beat me down. My teachers in high school always told us that college didn’t care. They made us think that
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