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Eventually, I had to decide whether I wanted to continue suffering through this tortuous class, or if I desired a placement into a different course; I decided that it was time for a new class. Ironically, some individuals believed that the new class would be one in which less free thought and expression occurred. The faculty involved in switching my class indirectly stated that the structure of the new class ran parallel to the structure of a classroom utilizing the “baking method”, and advised me to continue my participation in the other class. The faculty member insisted that “banking” would be the primary means of information exchange, yet, this was not the case at all; this class taught me more about evaluation and expression in the first week…show more content…
The foundation of this class was participation; everyone was expected to participate and the teacher would -without making anyone feel insignificant- play “devil’s advocate.” Considering both sides of an argument, the teacher suggested ideas considering the voice of those who did not share the same belief. This thoughtful way of discussion and teaching left an impact on all of the students involved. Because of the experiences teacher provided, I am a much more analytical and open-minded individual. I carefully evaluate both sides of a situation before I decide what side I support. When the teacher began a lesson, he would ask a very generic question. For example, he might ask, “Why do you guys think that Germany was able to conquer much of Europe in one clean sweep?” Students would then reflect upon the question at hand and reply accordingly. One student might say, “it was because they had superior weapons,” while another would say “do not forget about the

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