Reflection Essay

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By the time I became mature enough to listen, my grandmother always reminded me of one concept; education comes first. Despite this encouragement to work hard to receive my education, school and I didn 't take to each other straightaway. After struggling every day, for such long time, just to gain the knowledge of the basics, I knew something needed to change. Soon after carrying out some exploration into my reasons for struggling and putting in persistent effort, I realized I could progress in school. It became evident to me that I could succeed against anything I put my mind to. During my first years of school, I was always the silent little girl in the back of the classroom. I would just sit there and put forth my best effort to listen…show more content…
After about a million questions, the doctor told me he believed I had Attention Deficit Disorder. Hearing that, I realized finding out something was wrong felt just as bad as finding out there wasn 't anything wrong. I instantly began to cry and couldn 't hide it for the life of me. I had a multitude of questions flying through my head that I couldn 't even evoke my mouth to ask the doctor anything at all, but before I even had the opportunity to clear my head, the doctor told me that they were able to do something for my problem and there was no need to get upset. He said that a medication called Adderall that treats the type of issues I was having and he was certain that it would help me. Hearing that there was a way that leads to me doing better in school and feel like an ordinary girl made me exstatic. I felt such a weight be lifted off my shoulders from what the doctor had told me. The hope the doctor gave me just by informing me that there was a possible solution made me start to think maybe I may be capable of doing what I never thought would be achievable for me
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