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I did many things to try to be a ‘diakonos’ this term: I went to the temple almost every week, I did indexing and family history, I went to do the ‘Stop and Serve’ at Y-serve, I did my visiting teaching and tried to magnify my calling by going to Relief Society Meetings without complaining and volunteering to do things the President asked for someone to do. I tried so hard to look for other opportunities to serve while walking around campus and prayed for those opportunities as well, but nothing came my way. I tried to leave a few minutes early so I wasn’t rushed to class in case there was someone that I should stop and help. A couple times there was someone who I helped carry something or someone I held the door for. But usually there was…show more content…
No one acknowledged my service and dirty dishes piled up in the sink became a regular occurrence. There were so many times while I was washing the dishes that I would just complain in my mind and think how unfair it was and how I was ‘letting them get away with it’. But I had to keep pushing those thoughts out of my head and almost convince myself that I was doing it because I loved them. I had to repent for the times that I complained to my parents and friends about my dorm-mates not cleaning up after themselves. I had to get over my pride and not expect anyone to praise me for my ‘good doing’.
When we read about Martha complaining to Jesus about how she was the one serving while Mary was just sitting at His feet, I related completely because that was exactly how I felt. Though I was reminded once again of how pride is the root of all evil, Martha gave me so much hope, because she was able to change and she truly did love Mary.
I am also reminded of Matthew 5:44, “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate, and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you”. My dorm-mates are in no way my enemies nor do they curse or hate me. However, it is still extremely difficult to serve those who you don’t feel like deserve your service than those who you truly feel like need it. As part of the Higher Law, we are required to do more, serve more and love more, not just when it is easy, and especially when it
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