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My experience in the spring 2016 English 126 class has been an educational experience. Through writing essays in this course and doing journals and blogs I believe I have built a strong foundation in my writing. Being a little scrawny in grammar, I believe I have sculpted my skills. The learning objectives of this course were a big aid in helping me improve my writing style and grammar skills. Some of the English department learning objectives were to read and listen critically and analytically, to write clearly and coherently, to support a thesis, to formulate original ideas, to be able to respond in a proficient in writing, and to be able to offer a discussion in writing. Overall, my experience in the English class was very resourceful and definitely built my writing skills. My expectations for the readings consisted of more poetry and figurative language writing. I was expecting to write poems and in a figurative language sort of way and not essays.…show more content…
We did, however, read plays, but we didn’t write any poetry, which I was looking forward to. We focused more on condensed literature and the analysis portion of the essay. The readings have definitely altered my writing this semester. I was a little fragile in my grammar portion and the length of my essays. With the help of my professor I was able to condense my writing and strengthen my grammar. This semester has definitely under wired my writing and has made it shorter and to the point. I used to beat around the bushes. Throughout, the course the papers and my assignment have met the learning objectives. As a writer, I still feel weak in concluding my essay. Other than that, the papers that I have written during the course in addition to the online portion of the course have met the learning
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