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Every course or class that we take, either at school, college or even a seminar, will help us in life in one way or another. I took academic writing in the summer course. Before taking the course I already knew and had some writing skills that I had acquired in prior courses. I consider myself an average writer, the results on essays I did depended on how much time and effort I put on each. Most of the time I didn’t know how to start or didn’t know if what I was doing was correct, but as the course developed my improvement was becoming evident. While I was taking this course I was taught several techniques to implement when writing an essay. During the summer I learned about the writing processes and some grammar; I liked the course but also…show more content…
These types of classes are always really tough for me that really give me a hard time and I get stressed most of the time. In the course I had trouble with a lot aspects like my grammar in each essay that I handed in it always had grammar errors and some of things that I write didn’t make any sense for me when I had read them later. For me this was not an easy course but still I learned a lot my writing process improved a lot each time that I did a new essay it was easier for me to write because with the help of the outline, thesis, topic sentence and brain storming it was easier to make a draft. I think that if the professor had revise more the rough draft and outline the final essay would had been much better. Because when he does that we can see our errors and fix them early. I mean early in the sense that maybe we had errors since the beginning of the assignment but we didn’t know, and we will take the error until the final draft. Even though after each essay I tried to improve what was wrong and I liked how the professor when I asked how to make it better he gave us good advised that helped in the next essay.
If would had the opportunity to start over the course I would have changed things so I could take more advantage in my writing skills. In all the assignments that I did I would put more time in each of them so that I could have presented better work. Many
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