Reflection Assignment

Satisfactory Essays
Rhetoric in the Media was certainly a unique class of mine this semester, and it is safe to say I was expecting differently in the beginning. On the first day, I pegged the rest of the semester as a boring affair, rife with people discussing mundane issues and useless homework assignments. It is also safe to say I was wrong. Indeed, the semester turned out differently than I expected – I began to bond with my classmates and get into the topics at hand, trying to get myself involved. I do not feel I participated at first, at first because I did not care much, but then because I was simply nervous. Speaking in front of groups of people is not necessarily my forte. However, I eventually broke out of my shell, and decided to just have fun. Overall, it was a satisfying semester.
There were a number of topics I was interested in. First and foremost, I enjoyed talking about the bullying issue. It did not hit home because I was bullied, but because I believe strongly against it. It was arguably the topic I was most “emotional” about, since it stirred up feelings like anger, towards bullies....
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