Reflection: Anatomy And Physiology

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Anatomy and Physiology - I would start with the Anatomy and Physiology sections as that is the basis for much of the rest of the education. I would start with Lesson 1 as it helps to guide the students to talk about the information respectfully. It also provides some vocabulary that they’ll need to know. Lesson 2 would be done in conjunction with this lesson. This lesson brings the word sex and the students thoughts regarding the word in. I would follow in the next class time with Lesson 3: Myths or Facts? “Students believe they know correct information about female and male reproductive systems. This activity allows students to explore what facts they do know and some of the myths they may have heard,” (Splendorio & Reichel, 2014, page 11).…show more content…
It’s important for kids to understand what hormones are and what they can do. The next lesson is making decisions I Lesson 6. Sometimes there are a lot of options to choose from. I ended this question with Lesson 5: Question Box. This may help to answer some unasked questions or clarify things. One modification that I would make to this section in the decision making lesson, try to ensure that the answers students give can be done anonymously. I want them to be honest and share their true decisions and ideas. The other things I’d do would be to give the students extra time to provide questions for the Question Box section. I’d tell them at an earlier class what the activity was going to be. The significance of these lessons would be to provide learning regarding hormones and the changes they can create in your body, how to decide which decisions are better or safer, and to provide time for students to share their questions and to give them informative answers. These lessons are beneficial because it the students are given the information but it’s also explained to them. It also relates directly to their age group. I think another meaningful thing is that in learning to make decisions, you’re learning something to help you out the rest of your life. The last benefit is by giving them time to provide their own questions and to get the

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