Reflection Analysis

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My life pictorial was really detailed in terms of trying to make the audience understand where I was coming from which made me feel confident that they would enjoy viewing the slideshow presentation. It also made me feel happy to share accomplishments that made me who I am today. I felt a bit overwhelmed with my decision to what I presented because I did not present anything with a tragic event because I felt that it was inappropriate from my perspective. Everyone presented something emotionally hard to process where as my presentation was more of the happy ending and a bit of relief to listen to so everyone would have a chance to settle down their emotions which made me feel at ease to be the relief. I chose to present events in my life that were impactful, like losing 30 pounds. This was something that positively influenced group member but I made it personal by showing my before and after’s which was extremely hard to do. I did feel vulnerable because I was not confident…show more content…
This I have never felt with prior groups because usually in group work you only end up knowing their name and there duties as a group apposed to understanding them and who they are as a person. The personal information we shared together was quite intimate. It was admitted by a group member that he shared information that he have not even shared with close friends, that made me feel closer to him as a group member and realized he was really providing us with strong self disclosure. Everyone was really in tune of what I had to say and what everyone else had to say. The respect between our group members was a breath of fresh air because not everyone can be emotionally understanding and can relate to each other like our group could. Similar events did occur that were discussed in the pictorials and this made me feel like we bonded with a supportive response from group
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