Reflection About Stereotypes In Education

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Plaid skits, polo shirts and messy hair. This is how each morning of high school started. Seton High School, an all female catholic school in Cincinnati Ohio, this is where I finally started to appreciate my education. As an all female school we have eliminated stereotypes put on women in the education system. We have proven to ourselves and others that there should not be stereotypes set on genders in the education system, this will only make people want to work harder. When I entered junior I was introduced to my English teacher who changed the way I looked at the world from an analytical standpoint. My English teacher allowed me to grow in my understanding of literacy by teaching in unconventional ways and breaking gender stereotypes that ultimately influenced me as a critical analyst. When I tell people I attended an all female catholic high school majority of the reactions are…show more content…
The difference in my writing from junior year to senior year had changed drastically. My school required all senior students to complete a senior project. We had to choose a topic we were passionate about and complete a year long project. Throughout the year we have to complete a ten-page research paper, my writing skills were tested during this paper. This paper made me confident in writing about anything. At the end of the project we have to present a ten minuet presentation to a panel of judges. This is not something that is done at every high school but I am glad my high school placed it in our curriculum. This challenged me in a lot of new ways. Along with the project we still completed assignment in our English class. We had to write many kinds of papers throughout my senior year. I could not have imagined my senior year without my project, it created many learning opportunities that I would not have learned anywhere

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