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Self Reflection
Over this semester I have written a lot of essays. I have learned a lot from writing them. I believe I have progressed as a writer during this time. The actual quality of my writing has not improved as far as I can tell, but I have gotten better at getting myself to write even if I am at a loss for words and do not know what to say. One of the patterns I have stuck to is using first person. I think it has worked well for the assignments that I have gotten so far. Also, I have gotten better at following the directions of the assignment and not assuming that what I wrote was enough to meet the page requirements and instead aiming for right at the end of the page or a little bit higher than that. Also, my grammar has improved. When I started going to the learning center I would have a lot of my grammar fixed but it got to be less as the semester went on. My writing process at the beginning of the semester started with me staring at a blank page and agonizing over thinking of what to write, and then struggling to make whatever I wrote be long enough to meet the page requirements. Now I basically free write the entire thing, and then delete and rearrange it and add to it, and then rewrite the whole thing. Also, I have improved at
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My weakest essay was the personal narrative. My essay didn’t meet the page requirements even though I assumed that how much I wrote would be enough. Also, I assumed dialog was optional because I misread the assignment. My writing was very boring too because I was showing over telling like you have said not to. One example of this was when I described getting to the park. “About 1.3 miles into my usual run I normally pass Sherril Brook town park. However, this time it was open earlier than normal. I decided to enter.” My sentences were very short and to the point which is why I think it sounds so boring to
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