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Our relationship begun three years ago in a very dramatic situation and at the time I never thought that we would be in a serious relationship. Anna forgot her purse on a table in a McDonald Franchise and soon after she left I approached that table therefore I found her purse. Surprisingly, there were only boys in the franchise, so I grabbed it and opened it in search of the identity. I then called her and handed over her purse. She was very thankful to me and then we started chatting with each other. This was the beginning of our relationship. For the perfect description and explanation of our relationship, I feel the following six concepts are the most accurate to describe our relationship: Self Disclosure, Intimacy, Dialectical Tension,…show more content…
After a few meetings we realised that we have formed a strong bond of friendship and love. Over the period of the past three year we shared a lot of things with each other and we found ourselves helping and supporting each other in every good and bad situation.
With every passing day, the degree of our relationship was changing from friendship to more a romantic relationship as it was hard for me to spend my day without her and she was also going through the same feelings. In addition to love we also went through some serious conflicts, however, those conflicts further strengthened our relationship.
Self disclosure is the first concept that I am discussing to describe one facet of our relationship. Self-disclosure is defined by Adler and Towne as “the process of deliberately revealing information about oneself that is significant and that would not normally be known by others” (Looking In, Looking Out, and Pg. 452).
In the beginning of our relation, when we were using emails and text messages for communication, at first we just shared a very little or I must say very general information with each other. We had information about each other’s relationship status (we both were singles), about our hobbies, education, part time jobs

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