Reflection About Racism

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There is no hiding the fact that the United States has a horrendous history in regards to race. From the Native Americans when the pilgrims first landed in the country to modern day race relations. Racism will never be dead due to the ignorance of individuals who feel they are “superior” to another based on the notion of skin color. Race itself is not biological, not all white people are the same, race is a social construct and ail. We humans put ourselves in the situation when we categorize ourselves as White/Caucasian or Asian. However, race categories are essential to learning about our demographic composition as not only a city, or as a state, but as a country, no matter how awful they sound. Both aspects in the public and private sector…show more content…
I have grown up in a racially diverse area, the San Gabriel Valley, I have been exposed to a wide variety of cultures, the Mexican culture that I share, the Chinese culture, the Vietnamese and even the middle eastern culture. Even though I have never personally experienced racism I have heard and seen racist acts or remarks many times. There are keyboard warriors all over the internet who can put whatever they want without the lash back in public but online. I believe these people do it to troll others and to have others to stoop down to their level as they curse at the original poster. Then there are the individuals who post racially motivated and slurs online. While browsing the internet I came across an article about famous people and their spouses. Out of curiosity, I went through the slideshow and when it came to read the comments the first one I saw already had a racist slur. “Jungle monkeys” due to the fact that many of the famous people were black or married to blacks. After that there were people of all ethnicities putting down people because they “were not really black” because they had one white parent and one black parent. Sadly, this is common on online threads and even in daily life. I have heard remarks like “Uncle Tom” to describe Dr. Ben Carson because he is not a democrat, “camel jockey” to describe those of middle eastern descent, “Ching Chong, Chinaman (popular during the gold rush and the railroad constructing era) and Chink” to describe the Chinese and people of Chinese descent. There are many more slurs, but there are also jokes that make fun of a certain races, religions and essentially every part of life. Jokes like “Why doesn 't Mexico have an Olympic team? Because everyone who can run, swim, or jump is already in America” or “How do you kill a black man? You hide his

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