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Before anyone can understand why someone would behave the way they did, they would need to be in their shoes. Hopefully, this did not happen to anyone in this class or to a friend or family member, however, being that I know several people who came to Arizona to be apart of a startup, including myself, I know many people who had to foreclose on their homes and leave the state. I moved around a lot while my girlfriend at the time did the same to find work to keep making payments her newly purchased house as we both loved living in Arizona. We were blessed to have the opportunity to get jobs in other states while living with other family members or finding roommates to get the paying jobs that would cover both our new local reduced
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It is rated R, so do not watch this in front of kids, and after you watch it, you may need some time to relax. It is a hard story to watch because it is based on what happen in late 2007, and all through 2008. There are other movies that cover the housing market bubble, but The Big Short tells it from a unique angle, based on a book of the same title. According to the free JustWatch app that allows you to find what movies are aviaible on what streaming servies, Netflix currently has it listed. Otherwise, it is listed as $3.99 on Apple, Google paly, Vudu, PlayStation, Microsoft. If you are taking a business class and you don 't understand what happen to the housing and financial industry, it is past time you get caught up. It is not the first time the country had an economic downfall due to a single industry collapsing or bursting, and it won 't be the…show more content…
It was not ethical. Neither was the decisions made in the banking industry which put the people in an unexpected situation. They were forced into survival mode. Do you think the decisions to survive in apocalyptic movies are ethical? Not even close, but when you need to survive, you will take what you can, even if it doesn 't even make sense. Nobody is in a normal state of mind when they are forced into survival mode.

It is actually legal, as while the homeowner may not be able to make payments, technically, they still 'own ' the house, and selling or taking the fixtures is their right being that they own the house according to Lase Vegas police (Rudolf).

However, it is illegal, "at least in Arizona, where the Federal Bureau of Investigation has used Craigslist to arrest a handful of people for stripping homes and trying to sell the goods, charging them with felonies under a state fraud statute" (Rudolf).

Or maybe it is legally unknown, as for houses "in Florida, another state swamped by foreclosures. Several prosecutors and police agencies there said that unless laws were modified, such behavior would have to be sorted out between borrower and lender in civil court"
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