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When an individual relates to the Bible and refers as God as an ultimate power and a divine power, it would be identical to Judaism. Learning about Judaism has put a whole different perspective on my outlook of life because it doesn’t mean that Christian’s only believe in God, Jews do also. Their services and rituals are very similar to Christianity but not identical.
From the experience of going to Beth El Temple, I noticed differences right away. Walking in, a person of authority, not sure who it was, greeted everyone passing through the doors. I felt very welcomed and I felt like I didn’t stand out at all. One thing that greatly stood out to me was the way every individual dressed up. All the men were dressed up in suits and ties or bowties with the usual yamaka. All women had nice sundresses on that covered their shoulders and if it didn’t they had a shawl on that did cover their shoulders. Up at the bimah, instead of usually one priest in Christianity, there were two Rabbi’s and a musician playing the guitar and singing. The two Rabbi’s start off the ceremony saying “Shabbot Shalom”, which I’m pretty sure means welcome to all or hello. After the Rabbi’s say it to the audience and the audience, including myself, says it back they sing a song similar to us Christian’s : “Allelujah”. As many also see in videos of Jews saying prayer or singing a song, many get into it and move their whole body in a rhythm. After this song ended, this service was special because two boys were going to get bar mitzvahed. After these boys are introduced, everyone greets each other so there are no strangers. Next they sing another song called “Matto Bu” which is words of blessing given by God. After this song they say that individuals of Judaism c...

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...any others have the same views as me and I like that.

Me: What is the most challenging aspect of being a member of this religion?
Jason: The most difficult part of belonging to this religion is how it is not accepted by most of today’s society. Most individuals make fun of me for being Jewish because the Holocaust. Personally, I think it has nothing to do with the extermination of many Jews. Being Jewish is mostly about faith, and going through the suffering to get to the higher power and achieving the ultimate goal.
In conclusion, I did not realize how in-depth another religion could be and how similar it could be to my own religion. Many individuals should be open to this religion because it is very similar in a lot of ways. I feel like if we worship the same God and all have the same destination, there shouldn’t be any social problems in today’s society.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that judaism's services and rituals are similar to christianity but not identical.
  • Describes how they felt welcomed and didn't stand out from the crowd at beth el temple.
  • Describes how the bar mitzvah boys are brought up to the bimah along with their families and are greeted by the congregation. the musician sings the "lai" song as the rabbi's leave with the torah and then re-enter.
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