Reflection About Identity

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Ana L. Rodriguez 881983243 Chicano Studies 037 February 24, 2014 Creative Writing: Identity How does our identity affect the way we look at ourselves? Identity is defined as a state of mind in which someone recognizes or defines who they are and how something defines themselves. For many of us is hard to find our identity because as we grow older we experience new things that sometimes makes us contradict or know who we really are or where we belong. Sometimes we denied our own culture and traditions just feel that we belong in a certain group. Being Chicano or Mexican American means to reaffirm who we are and where we came from. However, there are many things that affect a person's identity such as society, family, and things that we learn from our own experiences as we grow older. One way in which people identify themselves is through society. When we are younger parents and society tend to play a big role in our lives. We see our parents as authority figures and do everything they ask and at the same time we want to fit in society. However due to our innocence, we still keep learning how to shape our identity. As we become teenagers we tend to not care about what society and others expect from us and we become more independent of who we want to become. As Ana Castillo states " That the U.S. society must eventually acculturate our mestiza vision. Our collective memories and present analyses along these lines hold the antidote to that profound sense of alienation many experience in white dominant society." People struggle everyday within themselves to fit in and please what society expects from them. Unfortunately, sometimes we tend to battle between who we are and what society expect from us, because we want to fit in socie... ... middle of paper ... ...ntify ourselves is our family. Family plays a big role on how we identify ourselves because of what our parents teach us about our culture and traditions. Passing on traditions helps children feel a sense that they belong as they become adults. The last reason that shape our identity is the things that we learn from our own experiences. Our experiences can help us define who we are because we learn many things that we don't know such as our history background and where we came from, which shows a way to see things differently. As we become adults and start to see the reality we start to know and remember through everything we went through that help us take action and start o identify who really are. People should not be afraid to open up to new experiences and should not denied where they came from even though society, family, or their life experiences affect them.
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