Reflection About Hardships

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Hardships plague everyone at point or another in their lives. It is how we handle them that determines our character. Discomforts are important to endure because they teach you who you are and what you believe in. We learn many different lessons from the things we experience during our lives. My father has overcame many difficulties in his life such as his birth mother passing away when he was younger, his parents not making a lot of money, his parents splitting up during his late teenage years, and his inability to finish college. Although, he did not understand the reason for these things at the moment, he understands why he endured these events. Losing a parent is difficult but teaches many lessons. My father’s birth mother passed away during open heart surgery when he was a young child. His whole family experienced heartbreak. His father remarried a few years later. My father’s adoptive mother raised him. Losing his birth mother has made my father appreciate his adoptive…show more content…
Through losing his mother he learned to not take for granted the people in his life. He also learned from his parents that he did not want to raise his children like they did. From the lack of money he grew up with, he developed a hard worker attitude. He was determined to not maintain the life he knew for his children. My parents fight and argue but they have never talked about splitting up or getting divorced. My father suffered through that and it caused a lot of stress and tension. This stress hindered school and education which eventually put a hold on dreams. Although my father could not finish college, he provides everything possible so his children may attend college and expand their education. We may not understand the good that develops from hardships at the moment, but later in life we will see the significance they hold. These events shape us into the people we are suppose to
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