Reflection About Globalization

The term “globalization” is defined by the oxford dictionary as “the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale”. However, the definition, by the nature of the word itself, is continually adapting as the world changes. Personally, when I think of globalization, I think of a global society - one united by a common economic model, a common government, and an intricate, vibrant, yet shared, culture. Perhaps I am merely imagining globalization at its most extreme; a world in which globalization has happened in every aspect of society. I believe that globalization is genuinely necessary for the future of the world; to end ideological differences, to address the problem of scarcity, and to survive and flourish as a species. In today’s world, hate, misinformation, and violence are all too common. Organizations such as ISIS/L terrorize the world with bombings of civilians, crime and corruption reign unchecked in the highest echelons of countries and societies, and vast quantities of…show more content…
The creation of legal institutions like the international criminal tribunals that have sprung up in the past decade, as well as the proliferation of major international conferences aiming to address global problems through international cooperation, have been referred to as proof of political globalization. Still, since all of these institutions rely on the participation of nation-states and respect the fundamental principle of national sovereignty, the extent to which these institutions exhibit true political globalization continues to be

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